Second irrelevant press release email survey data

A few months ago we asked for responses to a more detailed survey about irrelevant press release emails to follow up the surveys that were carried out at the end of 2009. Despite a number of people’s best efforts to encourage responses unfortunately only 43 recipients completed the survey. The small sample means that these [...]

Media databases promote mechanical networks

Stuart Bruce says that the combination of media databases and inexperienced PR executives are the root cause of PR spam.
“While I applaud [the inconvenient PR truth] initiative, I’m not totally convinced about either the approach or if it will work. It also fails to mention the elephant in the room – [...]

PR pollution: a personal perspective

Post by Stephen Waddington of Speed Communications
Journalists’ complaints about PRs are the same in 2010 as they were in the early 90s when I started my career as a reporter on a trade magazine.
We used to receive 400 to 500 press releases a week by fax and post.  90 per cent were complete bollocks. Nine [...]

PR spam is as contagious as chlamydia

Mark Borkowski on the An Inconvenient PR Truth campaign:
“PR spam is as contagious as chlamydia and has the same effect; it can cause sterility in the people infected. The only difference is that everyone in the PR world’s passed on a spam infection at some point, accidentally or not.
The best prophylactic is intelligence and [...]

Enough is enough

In the words of Donna Summer and Barbara Streisand, enough is enough.
For too long now the same topic has come up over and over again – why can’t the PR industry ensure that the press releases it sends only go (in the main) to recipients to whom they are relevant? This probably doesn’t apply to [...]


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