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Based on the online conversations we have seen and engaged in the following seem to be the most frequently asked questions or comments made to date in connection with the An Inconvenient PR Truth campaign Bill of Rights. Feel free to ask more in the comments below.

Q. Are you claiming that the “Bill of Rights”, as you termed them, is the last word in professional standards and is endorsed by bloggers, journalists and publishers?

A. No. Perhaps it was an injudicious choice of words but we felt it needed something stronger than a code of practice.  What’s more we clearly state that it is for discussion and we believe, to the best of our knowledge, that it represents the views of recipients based on the posts we cite in the Resources section of the website.

Q. These so called “rights” seem to place a significant burden on PR practitioners. Surely it is unreasonable for journalists to expect all of these areas to be addressed?

A. This may be the case and many have responded regarding journalists, but there has been little comment and debate about the difference in engaging with someone whose job it is to report (and comment) and someone who comments and publishes in a purely personal capacity i.e. many bloggers. Don’t individuals have “rights” when it comes to engagement?

The PR world as a whole has, in the last few years, taken to engaging with the blogosphere to achieve influence on a major scale. As a consequence we allowed for the need for arguably higher standards in this area. We did consider having two lists – one for journalists and one for bloggers – and with hindsight perhaps this might have been more sensible.

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