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Martin Brindley, DMG Europe
Couldn't agree more. Let's all stand up to clients, tell them what is newsworthy and more importantly what is not and stop the irrelivent spamming of contacts.
Craig McGill, Contently Managed
Would love to be involved and try and set some standards.
katie moffat, prandsocial
fantastic campaign, happy to support.
Vikki Chowney, Reputation Online
Glenn Jasper, Ruder Finn Israel
Emily Cagle, Emily Cagle Communications
Neil MacLean, SmallMediaLarge
Chris Green, DMG Europe
As a journalist that moved into media relations only recently, I know all too well how frustrating PR spam can be. We need standards and common sense.
Ewan MacLeod, Mobile Industry Review
Here's hoping something can be done! ;-)
Mat Morrison, The Magic Bean Laboratory
Georgina Firth, BrainstormHour PR
Amy-Mae Elliott,
Time is precious to all of us - sending and receiving irrelevant PR content wastes both PRs' and journalists' time.
Iain Fleming, Wirefast
There is a solution and it is a new service called called Tradeclips ( which costs PR people nothing to upload and circulate a link to their multimedia content - and the recipients nothing to preview or download if they want
Catalin Zorzini, Mostash New Media Studio
We need to set some standards, totally agree!
Patrick Lacroix, Mediargus
Michelle Goodall, Econsultancy
Ben Cotton, Centre for Public Relations Studies, Leeds Metropolitan University
Wishing to make PR space weaker in demagogy while stronger in honesty and witticism!
Celina Maguire, Gorkana
The smile and dial call centre mentality needs to be banished with training and support for the emerging generation of PRs. Gorkana is very keen to be involved in this initiative - good work Realwire! Let common sense prevail.
Claudio Ramirez, CR Comunicaciones
Great and timely campaign , very happy to support.
Chelsea, Elements
Design/marketing/PR firm trying our best to reduce irrelevance and increase specific targeting so news is interesting.
Nathaniel W Cassidy, Duchess of Grange Events & PR
Agree whole heartedly with the campaign and application of its objectives would improve relationships between PR's and journalists and be beneficial to clients and readers alike.
Sharmee, Digitalis
Great concept!!!
Carole, freelance
I am a SPORT journalist - frankly, B2B press releases are spam as far as I am concerned
Dan Howarth, Newcastle University
Cracking campaign, I'm with you all the way
Peter Holleley, Family Friends Companies
Please add me to your mailing list.
Stephen Pritchard, freelance journalist
About time! Count me in.
Pietro Sansone, LiveXtention
Thanks for this campaign!
Rob Gallo, Operandi Partners Ltd
About time we began to remove the marketing puffery that drags our industry down.
andra anastasiu, student - University of Stirling
Before I started studying PR, I used to do exactly the things you are talking about here, as I was an amateur. I find this campaign a good alternative education for unexperienced PR practitioners.
Benito Caetano, SVQ. Spain
Jon Laiseca, Agencia EFE
Florian Fugasin, Florian PFA
S Singapori, Singapori Associates
Cillit Bang for PR - BANG, and the PR is gone.
Edward Hasbrouck, The Practical Nomad
Petya N. Georgieva, Higher and Higher
This is a great initiative in order to stop the PR pollute and to increase the quality of the services we offer.
Mark Blacklock, MarxMedia
Melissa Shawyer, The PR Group
Great initiative. It's a problem in Australia and it hurting the reputation of the industry as a whole.
Nina Gaspari, Provokat!v
Alison Minaglia,
Happy to support.
Elizabeth Marriott,
Great idea, long overdue.
Sharlene, Freelance PR Consultant
Robzku58, google
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