After the great deal of conversation last month we have been a little quiet on the communications front, but we have been busy putting together the survey for our next round of research into the issue of irrelevant press release emails aka “PR Spam”.

We have gathered input from a number of sources in the community as to what to ask and format and we are now ready (we think!) to launch. The survey can be found here

(full url

As stated in the “Areas for further study” in the first report it seeks to build on the results of last year’s exercise by trying to ascertain more information about the following three areas:

Who is most affected by the issue

What are the main sources of the problem

What is the impact on media recipients in terms of time wasted

The survey data will be published on a Creative Commons basis with no branding or reporting bias whatsoever (without names and publications of course) so anyone can utilise the results in anyway they wish and so people can make up their own minds about the issue.

But the survey is only going to be of any value if we get lots of responses. To date any exercise (that we are aware of) that has tried to quantify and analyse this problem has been limited by the small number of respondents anyone has been able to achieve on their own. We hope that with the help of the PR and Media communities we can get a huge response so that the data can provide an accurate insight into the issue once and for all.

So please help us to gather as many responses as possible, as soon as possible. Our target date for completion is now early May.

If you have any queries about the survey please contact me at @AdParker

Thank you.