The following are articles, blog posts, tweets etc that are related to the campaign. It isn’t an exhaustive list, for instance non English language coverage is not yet represented, however it should serve to give a good overview of the debate for anyone who wants to review the opinions shared by the community to date.

As of 7th February 2010 the 38 pages, articles or posts below have resulted in approximately 650 tweets (that weren’t by supporters of the campaign) and over 100 comments.

The animation has been watched over 3,000 times and the campaign site has had over 3,000 unique visitors from over 60 countries.

Campaign related or by supporters:

Inconvenient PR Truth website – related tweets – site, animation and here, bill of rights and here, research and here, opportunity not to be wasted, animation FAQs,

Vimeo videorelated tweets

Wadds PR blog – Speed backs Inconvenient PR Truth campaign as Realwire reveals 1.7 billion irrelevant press releases sent each yearrelated tweets

Wadds PR blog – Inconvenient PR Truth Campaign plainly inconvenientrelated tweets

Stephen Davies – Time to End PR pollutionrelated tweets and also here – Time to address wasterelated tweets

Industry statement:

CIPR – CIPR response to “Inconvenient PR Truth” campaignrelated tweets


PR Week – Industry backs new campaign aimed at cutting PR Spam – related tweets, here, here and here

Communicate Magazine – Press release spam – the PR Industry fights back – related tweets, here and here – Campaign backed by industry urges PR to cut irrelevant press releasesrelated tweets

Reputation online – Realwire leads charge to stamp down on PR spamrelated tweets

PR Week – Professionals Lukewarm on Inconvenient PR Truth Anti Spam Campaignrelated tweets

UK Media Blogs:

Mobile Industry Review – An Inconvenient PR Truthrelated tweets

Gordon Kelly – An Inconvenient PR Truth

Chris Green – An Inconvenient PR Truth – PR Emails what the papers say

UK PR Blogs:

Stuart Bruce – Experience and Training are What Countsrelated tweets

Max Tatton Blog – How to Stop PR Spamrelated tweets

Sean Fleming – Letter to the (Inconvenient) Truth Fairyrelated tweets

Emily Cagle – Spam wars saving PR from itself related tweets

Reputation Reputation Reputation – How to Improve Inconvenient PR Truthrelated tweets

Waves PR – An Inconvenient PR Truth

Press for Attention PR – PR “Bill of rights” – An Inconvenient Truth

PNIQ – Porter Novelli Digital News 2nd Februaryrelated tweets

The Red Rocket – An Inconvenient PR Truth

Willoughby PR – The Inconvenient Truth about PR

US/UK PR Blogs:

PR Open Mic – An Inconvenient PR Truth – Enough is Enoughrelated tweets

For Immediate Release – FIR#522 (From 26 minutes)

For Immediate Release – FIR#523 (From 54 minutes)

US Media Blogger (German Blog):

Everything PR – The Inconvenient Truth about Bloggers and PRrelated tweets

US PR Blogs:

Communikaytrix – An Inconvenient PR Truth or an Inconvenient Solution?related tweets

Dave Fleet – Journalists prefer bulk email to personalised – huh?related tweets

Flack Me – Irrelevant news releases threaten PR says British Video


Bulgarian CIPR – A beginning or not?