In the words of Donna Summer and Barbara Streisand, enough is enough.

For too long now the same topic has come up over and over again – why can’t the PR industry ensure that the press releases it sends only go (in the main) to recipients to whom they are relevant? This probably doesn’t apply to everyone, but as with the environment, if enough people create enough pollution then everybody suffers.

At RealWire we are part of this world. We have been sending press releases to the online media for nearly ten years and as we have grown we have found that it becomes more and more challenging to make sure that your distribution is relevant.

But this campaign isn’t about us. By ourselves we are neither the problem, nor the solution. We decided to try and get this campaign off the ground because we think that it is time that the PR Industry addressed this once and for all. Some people might say that the recipients themselves could play their part and that it is unreasonable to expect every press release they get to be relevant. That is perhaps fair comment, but when some recipients of PR content are suffering a situation where 99 per cent of the releases they receive are irrelevant then it has gone too far.

We recognise that others have invested significant time over the years in trying to keep this issue under focus, but we felt that additional effort was required by someone to get this debate completely into the mainstream arena.

So I ask you to join in the debate. Provide opinion, suggest resources, write a post for the site or collaborate on research into the issue. By all means shoot down the suggestions on the bill of rights in flames, poke holes in the research, even criticise the language :-) ,  but lets use the conversation that has started as a chance to agree what we expect from both sides of this debate.